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MCSS, McGill Chinese Students' Society is the largest and most influential cultural student organization in Eastern Canada. With over 15 events per year and 40 years of history, we provide a variety of events to our over 1,500 active members and help our members succeed in school and life. Our short-term goal is to provide our students with valuable events to make their student life more meaningful, while our long-term goal is to motivate and encourage our students to give back to their community and excel academically by providing them with helpful services including seminars, lessons, and talks.

MCSS is a non-profit organization registered under the Students' Society of McGill University. All our proceeds either go to charity or are used to provide our students with more valuable services. Our events range from largescale shows to career planning and information seminars. In addition, we organize dinner outings, networking opportunities and parties for our members.






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  1. MCSSxMANABA Present: Snowshega 2019

    January 19 to January 21

    🌞This January, prepare for a second heat wave of record proportions: MCSSxMANABA is bringing summer back with Snowsheaga 2019!🌞

    For THREE DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS, McGill’s hottest Asian clubs are making the hills a-lit with the sound of music, and this is your chance to forgo Redpath for the snow path. Forget your philosophy classes, the only question that matters is tube or not tube.

    Headliners include: MANABA’s famous Beer Pong Tournament, tubing, an INDOOR WATER PARK, TWO NIGHTS of All You Can Drink (it’s not hot chocolate—but hot chocolate will also be making an appearance), and of course, the wild slopes of Mont-Sainte-Anne.

    ❄❄❄ Set List ❄❄❄

    Friday, January 19
    🚌Departure from Roddick Gates to private Mont-Sainte-Anne village, open to Snowsheaga attendees only
    🌞Collect your complimentary Snowsheaga packs with hand warmers, mugs and more
    🏊Enjoy the indoor pool, free Wifi, and flat screen TV’s at your Swiss-style chalets
    🏂Day one on the 547 acres of skiable terrain of Mont-Sainte-Anne, altitude at the summit: 800 meters
    🍿Movie night with hot chocolate (and marshmallows)
    🍺Beer pong tournament & AYCD - Sign up as Team Taylor, Team Kanye, or another challenger3

    Saturday, January 20
    ⛷️Mont-Sainte-Anne day two
    🌭BBQ night, the best kind of sausage fest
    🍾House party at the executive chalet with your #MCSSFam and #Manabaes
    ☕All You Can Drink Finale (hot chocolate will make a reappearance with more than just marshmallows)
    🎉SN(O)W(SHEAGA) experience with DJs (TBA) throughout the night!

    Sunday, January 21
    🥞Pancake breakfast
    📐Mont-Sainte-Anne day THREE
    👙Go down more than 14 slides at Bora Park indoor waterpark or
    🍩Go down the slopes tubing; it's skiing but sitting!
    🚌Return to McGill tanner, fitter, and happier


    🌡️There is a limited number of early bird spots available, so sign up A$AP for the best ski, tubing, and water park deals at McGill!

    ☃️3 Day Ski/Snowboard: $295

    ☀️2 Day Ski/Snowboard + 1 Day Waterpark: $290
    Early Bird: $280
    ☀️2 Day Ski/Snowboard + 1 Day Tubing: $280
    Early Bird: $270
    ☀️2 Day Ski: $260

    🍹Party only + 1 Day Waterpark: $235
    Early Bird: $225
    🍹Party only + 1 Day Tubing: $225
    Early Bird: $215
    🍹Party only: $200

    🚨You will find out if you got a limited early bird spot in your complete invoice, which will be e-mailed to you after sign-up. The invoice will include all payment information.

    🚨NOTE: You may also pay a $100 deposit to ensure your spot (different from the SECURITY deposit). Your spot will be held for you until November 20, 2017. After November 20, if you have not paid for your package in full, spots will be given on a first come first serve basis to those who pay for their package in full.


    👌3 Day Ski/Snowboard rental: $90
    ✌2 Day Ski/Snowboard rental: $60
    👊Helmet: $10 (whole weekend)
    👍Lessons: $20

    ❄❄❄Sign-Up and Payment❄❄❄

    Signup link: HERE

    Payment methods: Cash, e-transfer, and credit ($10 fee for credit transactions)

    E-transfer to [email protected] and set the password to "snowsheaga" to get your payment in!

    SECURITY deposit (which will be RETURNED to you at the end of trip if nothing is broken): $60

    ❄❄❄ Deadlines ❄❄❄

    Sign-Up Deadline: November 27
    Payment Deadline: November 30
    Deposit Deadline: Collected on the bus (January 19)


    Jenny Jang: 250 2806628
    Sooji Hah: 306 2099832
    Liwei Shi: 514 6079856
    Matthew D'Urbano: 514 6531688
    Marina Chu: 514 8263119
    Bowen Li: 514 6539571
    David Wang: 613 7707114

Did we grab your attention yet?

Melanie Zhang BG Img

Meet Melanie Zhang

- U3 Economics -

Something special about yourself:

Long term addictions: Pink and spontaneous travelling.

Favourite food:

Current addictions: veggies
Just kidding, current addictions is UberEats.

Molly Lu BG IMG

Meet Molly Lu

- U2 History and Religious Studies -

Something special about youself:

I fluctuate between having 0, 1, and 2 double eyelids.

Favourite food:


Favourite memory with MCSS:

2017 Welcome Party, when I got to say "butt cheek" a bunch of times to 200 people.

Jessica BG IMG

Meet Jessica Huang

- U3 Psychology -

Favourite drink:


Favourite quote:

"I sit before flowers
hoping they will train me in the art
of opening up
I stand on mountain tops believing
that avalanches will teach me to let go
I know
but I am here to learn."
Shane L. Koyczan

Emma's BG IMG

Meet Emma Liu Hao

- U2 Psychology -

Favourite food and drink:


Alice's BG IMG

Meet Alice Tang

- U2 Economics -

Favourite memory with MCSS:

Karaoke when everyone was so drunk they (hopefully) didn't notice how tone deaf I am.

Something special about yourself:

I love watching NBA basketball but can't play.

Ruya's BG IMG

Meet Ruya Mutlu

- VP Finance -

Favourite restaurant:

Le Majesthe, love their milk tea and braised pork rice!

Favourite memory with MCSS:

Weekly karaoke nights where I would hog the mic.

Fun fact about yourself:

I'm white belt in taekwondo #noshame.

Erica's BG IMG

Meet Erica Wu

- U2 Anatomy & Cell Biology -

Favourite food:


Favourite restaurant:

Le Majesthe! They're also my favourite bubble tea place!!

Marina's BG IMG

Meet Marina Chu

- U2 Accounting -

Favourite quote:

"We all start off as strangers."

Favourite food:


Something special about yourself:

The key to my heart is food.


Meet Tianjing Li

- U3 Computer Science -

Something special about yourself:

I can survive for 2 minutes underwater. I'm basically a merman!

Favourite food:

Spicy Pork plate at Opiano (the key to my heart).

Favourite quote:

"No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again." - Jack Kornfield.

Sean's BG IMG

Meet Sean Wang

- Master of Information Studies -

Something special about yourself:

"Typical midwest country boy" but don't like to drive.

Favourite memory with MCSS:

My birthday night with MCSS fellows.

bowen's BG IMG

Meet Bowen Li

- U0 Software Engineering -

Favourite food:

Korean BBQ!

Favourite memories with MCSS:

Dying at every drinking even.

Favourite quote:

"If, by accident, the university burns down, or is destroyed otherwise, all current students immediately graduate with a degree." - McGill University

Ron's BG IMG

Meet Ron Sun

- U1 Computer Engineering -

Favourite food:

Crab stick and chikuwa!

Something special:

I don't drink alcohol...

David's BG IMG

Meet David Wang

- U1 Material Engineering -

Favourite memory with MCSS:

When Louis Lee left MCSS...but sadly he came back.

Why you chose to join MCSS:

To fulfill the role of Louis 2.0.

Favourite quote:

"Squirtle is water-type. You are 我的-type.

Marcus's BG IMG

Meet Marcus Zhang

- U1 Math & Computer Science -

Something special about yourself:

I am physically able to lick my nose (LOL).

Favourite quote:

Whatever Louis says.

Favourite food:

Hot pot!

Sharon's BG IMG

Meet Sharon Yau

- U1 IDS & Sociology -

Current addictions:

Impulsive shopping.

What I'm currently doing:

Online shopping.

Junni's BG IMG

Meet Junni

- U3 Accounting -

Fun fact about me:

I'm a crazy plant lady, I have 9 plants in my bedroom.

One of my favourite quotes:

Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard

Michelle's BG IMG

Meet Michelle Tang

- U2 Kinesiology -

Favourite memory with MCSS:

Eh it's so hard to pick...but gotta give it to Running Man & the Toronto Bonding Trip!

Something special about yourself:

I've watched Friends for more than 50 times.

Favourite quote:

"Be the light."

Kathy's BG IMG

Meet Kathy Lin

- U2 Anatomy & Cell Biology -

Something special about yourself:

I workout a lot just to eat MORE FOOD!

Favourite food:

Bubble tea.

Joseph's BG IMG

Meet Joseph Jo

- U1 Computer Science & Biology -

Favourite food:

All foods that are tasty.

Daniel's BG IMG

Meet Daniel Li

- U1 Computer Science -

Why you chose to join MCSS:

I want to be with the coolest and the hottest people!

Favourite restaurant:

Gotta go with Le Majesthe!! Love their pasta!

Favourite quote:

"You can't fail a class if you drop out of university."

Raymond's BG IMG

Meet Raymond H. Yang

- U0 Electrical Engineering -

Favourite food:

Strawberry Cheesecake.

Why did you choose to join MCSS:

They got them cool hoodies...actually the MCSS fam is a tight-knit community.

Favourite memory with MCSS:

Seeing other execs get drunk.

Qian's BG IMG

Meet Qian Hui Sun

- U1 Law -

Something special about yourself:

If you wave at me in the streets and I don't wave back, either I'm not wearing my glasses or I'm thinking really hard about what I should eat for lunch/dinner.

Favourite food:


Favourite quote:

"You can't arrive late to class if you skip it."

Tommy's BG IMG

Meet Tommy Pham

- U1 Finance -

Something special about yourself:

I like making weird noises.

Favourite food:

Every members' favourite food to be truthful.

Favourite quote:

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favour of the idea that life is serious." - Brendan Gill

Annie's BG IMG

Meet Annie Sun

- U0 Life Science -

Something special about yourself:

I have larger pupils than the average person!

Favourite food:


Favourite quote:

"Don't cry beecause it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss


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