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MCSS, McGill Chinese Students' Society is the largest and most influential cultural student organization in Eastern Canada. With over 15 events per year and 40 years of history, we provide a variety of events to our over 1,500 active members and help our members succeed in school and life. Our short-term goal is to provide our students with valuable events to make their student life more meaningful, while our long-term goal is to motivate and encourage our students to give back to their community and excel academically by providing them with helpful services including seminars, lessons, and talks.

MCSS is a non-profit organization registered under the Students' Society of McGill University. All our proceeds either go to charity or are used to provide our students with more valuable services. Our events range from largescale shows to career planning and information seminars. In addition, we organize dinner outings, networking opportunities and parties for our members.






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  1. MCSS - Be There or Be Square: Valentine's Party

    February 11 at 3 PM - 6 PM at SSMU Ballroom!

    🅼🅲🆂🆂 presents our brand new Valentine's event: "Be There or Be Square".

    Sign-up Link: http://tinyurl.com/mcssbtbs

    This is MCSS's first FREE party-like blind-speed dating event.
    1. Special tag and mask given to each participant as you enter!
    → Who doesn't like mystery ;)
    2. Fast-paced blind-speed dating with a piece of paper given to you to write your top choices ♥
    3. With our revamped Computer Algorithm, we will find your perfect match according to everyone's choices!
    4. Play mini-games with your new buddy against others for amazing prizes!

    Just come join the fun as there are no spaces for spectators!
    MCSS will handle the rest of your love journey ♥
    There are limited spaces, so be sure to come early!

    ✔ GAMES

    A photobooth will also be available to take cute and goofy pictures. You know you want lovely quality pictures where you get to do a peace sign!

    Dress Code: Casual Chic

    ★★★★★ Ticket Price ★★★★★
    FREE! (with membership card)
    if you do not have a MCSS membership card, they will be on sale for $5 at the door.

    ★★★★★ Prizes ★★★★★
    Prizes will be announced.

    ★★★★★ Performances ★★★★★
    Andrea Huynh

    ★★★★★ Contact Us ★★★★★
    For more questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or send us a Facebook message.

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Patrick Hui's BG Img

Meet Patrick Hui

- U3 Mechanical Engineering -

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. My hobbies include: playing the guitar, graphic design, snowboarding, canoeing, hiking, chilling with friends. After being in MCSS for three years the experiences that I obtained and the friendships that I created are how I define my university life. As I embark on my final year, I am so honoured that I have the opportunity to represent MCSS as your Co-President. I hope that MCSS can help you the way it helped me and wish you luck with your McGill adventure. Welcome to McGill! #mcssfam

Louis Lee's BG IMG

Meet Louis Lee

- U3 Management -

Ciao everyone! This is Louis Lee, one of your MCSS co-presidents for the 2016/2017 year. I am a fourth year student in Management, majoring in Economics and Finance. At the same time, I am also an aspiring doctor! I know, I got very multi-disciplinary academic interests. I was born and grew up in Rome, aka a typical Italian Gentleman. I’m always available to talk about smartphones, tablets, computers, drones... in other words, I’m a Tech Geek. My other hobbies include photography and YouTube watching. I’ve loved being part of the #mcssfam since the moment I joined it in my first year. It meant a family away from home, friends to always have fun with and support you. And if you are reading this, chances are you are already part of the #mcssfam… so Welcome to MCSS! Can’t wait to meet you! Last but not least, hope you enjoy our amazing events throughout the year! They are the best opportunities to meet hot ladies & cute guys! ;)

Melissa's BG IMG

Meet Melissa Zhu

- U2 Education TESL -

Hey! I’m Melissa, your VP internal for this school year. I'm a U2 education TESL major, born and raised in Montreal. I’m a dancer and avid kpop lover who can spend hours dancing, watching YouTube videos or listening to ballads. I can come off as someone extra shy and quiet, but I am very approachable and eager to make friends :) I joined MCSS because I was looking for a place to belong and stayed because of the amazing people I got to work with; not to mention its incredible events! If you are looking to be involved in your uni life and to establish new relationships, MCSS is a family you won't regret joining. Welcome to McGill and I can't wait to meet you all at our future events!

Stina's BG IMG

Meet Stina Tam

- U3 Marketing -

Stina is my name and no, it is not short for Christina. I have been born and raised in Montreal, so English and French are languages I do speak. I also learned some Spanish and Korean; I always want to keep improving my language skills. Definitely, feel free to come and talk to me! About myself… I am someone who enjoys organizing events, one of the main reasons why I joined MCSS. I get to do something I love and of course be with an amazing team that helps bring my ideas to life. I am someone who loves helping out; therefore, I first started volunteering for this club way before imagining being truly part of the team. If you are someone like me, who loves planning competitive, social and creative events, MCSS family might be just for you. You’ll be surprised about how one group of people can open you up and steer you in the right directions towards your dreams.

Melanie's BG IMG

Meet Melanie Zhang

- U2 Arts Economy -

Hello everyone! I Hope you are enjoying your time exploring Montreal. My name is Melanie, and I will be looking forward to meeting all of your lovely faces in the next little while. I was raised in Vancouver and have a raging passion for food from all over the world. Pink is my religion and puppies always stop me in my path! Come talk to me or any of your MCSS execs if you have any questions about where to start or what to choose during your time here in McGill. MCSS is always here for you when you are lost, hungry, or just looking for a good time. So stay tuned for all the exciting events we have planned for the year! Cheers to joining the McGill family! As well as the MCSS family #mcssfam

David's BG IMG

Meet David Yan

- Masters in Finance -

I’m your average asian. I can hold a conversation about gaming, anime or any popular TV series or topic of your choice. I spend the majority of my time browsing 9gag, watching Netflix, or imagining myself at the gym. Generally on weekends, you can find me turning up in Club Bed featuring DJ Pillow with a perfect 10. The worst part about kissing the perfect 10 is how cold the mirror feels on your lips. A psychiatrist once asked me, “Do you have a social life?” I replied, “I’m on Team Valor.” *Proceeds to write down party animal*. Jk.

Sunny's BG IMG

Meet Sunny Guo

- U3 Accounting -

Hello, my name is Sunny and I'm from upstate New York. I'm a U3 business student in Desautels Faculty of Management which means that I was basically born in a suit. Jokes, I'm the most ratchet business student you'll ever meet because I live the life of a sweatshirt-adorning half potato half ogre who occasionally steps out of the library to frequent whatever whichever establishment will feed me cheap eats Hahahha (help). In 2016 I spent most of my money traveling the world and now I don't even have enough money to travel to my backyard. This year I'm one of the two VP Finance for MCSS so please. Donate. Hit me up if you ever have questions/concerns/need advice/want to cry about life together.

Jenny's BG IMG

Meet Jenny Sun

- U3 Anat & Cell Biology -

你好!My name is Jenny and I'm in my final year of Anatomy and Cell Biology. I hail from the beautiful city of Vancouver and besides occasionally chowing down Lay's ketchup chips, I enjoy running 5 miles a day (I enjoy the runner's high). Some people call me crazy - I gradually accepted that fact after I joined MCSS. This club has taught me more than I originally signed up for, such as acing the game of Russian Roulette and sleeping with my eyes open during weekly morning meetings. Although I wish to be VP Sass this year, I am still delighted to serve as your VP Academics and Communications. I can't wait to see you at our upcoming events and don't be shy to say hi! (If you have ketchup chips, I'm more than happy to be your friend).

Seasy's BG IMG

Meet Seasy Huang

- U2 Bio-Computer Science -

I’m the resident David’s Tea addict and staple Haligonian of MCSS. I love 1MILLION and will gladly spend upwards of twenty minutes talking about Park Bongyong’s thighs. Unabashedly, I wear exercise clothes semi-exclusively, and my humour consists entirely of zooming into people’s faces. Once I spent two hours in a thunderstorm playing Pokemon Go, and I have enough foresight to acknowledge that, within the next three months, I’ll probably regret adding that last fact - but until then, welcome to McGill, and I apologise in advance if I run into you while intently amassing my pidgey army.

Eric's BG IMG

Meet Eric Joo

- U2 Software Engineering -

Hi, my name’s Eric Jae-Min Joo and I'm the Webmaster for MCSS! I’m 20 years old and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. Jokes, I’m actually not from Toronto but I say I am because no one knows where my true, sacred homeland is - Aurora, Ontario. It’s about a 30 to 40 minute drive away from downtown Toronto up north where it’s surrounded by farmland, old people, and sheep. I guess the reason why I joined MCSS is because of the people that I met on the exec team and the fun events that I went to. Although this is called MCSS, I’m bringing the multiculturalism to it and eventually...hehe make it into MKSS. Remember, don’t let your dreams be memes. I hope you enjoy the events we’re going to be having this year and of course, welcome to MCSS!

Frank's BG IMG

Meet Frank Ye

- U2 Electrical Engineering -

Just your average local Montrealer still struggling to meet friends at school, up until I joined MCSS ( just kidding I'm still pretty awkward, work in progress).

Natural habitat: Between the Redpath library, the Lorne M. Trottier building and at the least visible desk in class, I sleep more peacefully that way.

Diet: Vua sandwiches, Basha, Opiano, anywhere on du Parc, (don't fall into the trap of eating these too regularly, as you will get tired too quickly of the closest food spots next to school), and a special place in my heart goes to Tim Horton's coffee for fueling those 12 hour lab grinds.

Characteristic behaviour: Often sleep deprived, the wild Frank will look spaced out while he tries to figure out assignments in the library basement and look for cheap eats around campus to boost morale. Communicates via memes and will ask you to like his status every week for a TBH. Once a month, will attend an non-educational event to destress from school.

Position: As a sponsorship director in a club that wants to make YOUR life easier, I look for sponsors with the help of the awesome sponsorship team to give you discounts on campus essentials. As a club member, will shamelessly ask you to come to our events, you'll meet a load of friends!

Yining's BG IMG

Meet Yining Jia

- U3 Psychology -

Hello, my name is Yining and I am a U3 Psychology student. I have a passion for cats, anything sweet and stationeries (because apparently, you can never get enough). I was born in Beijing, but my family moved to Montreal when I was 5. I absolutely love this city since it is so diverse. I got to make friends from all over the world and had the opportunity to immerse myself in their cultures too. It shaped my worldview and helped me become the person I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. In the past year, I discovered that MCSS is more than just a student association. I got to know a bunch of inspiring people whose determination never ceased to amaze me, as well as hardworking friends that will never let me down. There are many awesome projects underway and I can’t wait for all of you to join the fun. Don’t be afraid to make the most out of your university life!

Emma's BG IMG

Meet Emma Farih

- U2 Physiology -

Hola everyone! My name is Emmanuelle, but you can just call me Emma :) I’m one of the sponsorship directors for this year. I am half venezuelan and half moroccan, but born and raised in Montreal. My hobbies are dancing, listening to music but mostly Kpop, walking around our beautiful city, learning about new cultures, Netflix, watching Masterchef (cause Gordon Ramsey is the best) and cooking. I’m always trying new recipes, so hit me up if you want to try them :) I decided to join MCSS because I have a huge interest in chinese culture and the execs are super adorbs :) It was honestly the best decision I’ve made in my first year of Uni, if it wasn’t for the MCSSfam, my year would have been extremely dull. Come join our family for an amazing year filled with fun and excitement, we are waiting for you with open arms~~ I can’t wait to meet you all!!! Welcome to McGill! Good luck :)


Meet Tianjing Li

- U2 Computer Science -

Hey there, my name’s Tianjing but call me TJ. I’ll be one of your Sponsorship Directors for the next two semesters so I hope we can all get along! I was born in China but immigrated from a very young age to Montreal, so I’m used to the city and its vibrant culture, and I especially like the openness of its people. I enjoy staying active, whether it be going out to run, exercise or hike. What I’m really passionate about however is dancing, something I’ve done for many years and hope to do for many to come :’). Anyways, I hope you enjoy everything that University has to offer you, and especially what our #mcssfam has in store for you throughout the year. I encourage you to try out new things, join new clubs and meet new people. Most of all, if you want to make the fullest out of your uni life, don’t be afraid of failure, and always look forward!

Angela's BG IMG

Meet Angela Lu

- U2 Arts IDS -

Hey lovely McGillians, my name is Angela and I’m your social director for this year; remember to follow us on Instagram @mcssfam. I’m a U2 student studying international development and minoring in communication studies. I personally really enjoy sunshine and beaches because I grew up in a lovely town called White Rock in Vancouver BC, #westcoastbestcoast right? I also love exploring different unique places in Montreal with my friends for photoshoots. So Feel free to ask me about those locations :) Three things I cannot live without are music, dance, and MCSS. MCSS has been an influential part in my university life that I would not survive without this family. So make sure you come to our events and feel free to chat with us!

Daniel's BG IMG

Meet Daniel Yi

- U3 Arts IDS -

Hey everyone! My name is Daniel and I’ll be your Project Manager for this year. I think what makes MCSS special is that we all come from different backgrounds, yet united for the same purpose: cherish every moment of our student life. The excitement of meeting new people and learning something from them is so precious, that is the reason why I first joined MCSS – the best decision I’ve made at McGill so far. If you’re not too sure about how to fully enjoy your student life on campus, we got you:) Don’t be shy and please come say hi during our events. Another amazing year is about to begin and I can’t wait to see you at our upcoming events this year! Stay blessed and come meet your #mcssfam!

Tony's BG IMG

Meet Tony Yè

- U2 Chemical Engineering -

Knowing someone’s scent means you’ve been close with them before. My hope is to someday make that unforgettable mnemonic perfume for you and your love. I am from Vancouver and I love hiking and basically anything related to fitness and staying healthy. MCSS has given me lots of opportunities to meet new people and this year I will be one of your Project Managers. I am looking forward to seeing you at all of our amazing events planned! Bienvenue and Welcome and 欢迎 to McGill :)

Karen's BG IMG

Meet Karen Jung

- U1 Political Science -

Hi there! I’m Karen Jung, and I’m excited to be your MCSS photographer for this year. I’m a U1 Political Science Major, born and raised on the west coast in beautiful British Columbia. I’m also one out of three of your Korean MCSS execs. Some of my hobbies include: watching re-runs of Friends, going out on food dates, making bad puns, meeting cool humans, and (obviously) taking pictures. Moving to a new city by yourself, where everything is foreign, is always a nerve-racking experience. It was for me at least. You're on a new adventure to find your second home, desiring a sense of belonging. MCSS has offered me that since the moment I first joined. Although it’s only been a few months, they've welcomed me in as family since day one. So, I hope you feel the same way! We have some awesome events lined up for the upcoming year, so get ready for an exciting time with your #MCSSfam

Eamonn's BG IMG

Meet Eamonn Lye

- U1 Computer Science -

I was born in Singapore but found myself in Richmond, BC at the age of 9. I can be quite shy upon introduction, but once you get to know me, you might figure I’m pretty chill and can be a little random with my words. One thing to note is that I love surreal humour, so if you come across any good memes or solid comic panels, feel free to come by and be like “lol check this out”. As one of MCSS’s videographers, I find a lot of interest in visual media, not just with videography but also with photography and arts in general. Other hobbies include smash bros, ultimate frisbee, cubing and a little bit of skateboarding. I guess with these in mind, you can maybe get a little sense of the person I am. (:

Mona's BG IMG

Meet Mona Li

- U3 Psychology -

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, but I was born here, in the heart of Montreal. And if you can believe it, I'm actually named after this city - not the famous painting. Visual social media is a powerful tool for learning, sharing stories, and spreading ideas. Most of my time is spent making things for you to look at! I hope to one day find a grown-up job that combines my love for psych, art and connecting with people. In the meantime, I can't wait to connect with you! It's my third and last year as MCSS's videographer; let's make the most out of it together. Welcome to McGill!

Nick's BG IMG

Meet Nick Wang

- U3 Mechanical Engineering -

I am the Webmaster for MCSS. My major is mechanical engineering. I like math, physics and coding. I also enjoy playing basketball.

Bozan's BG IMG

Meet Bozan Xu

- U3 Physics -

Who was your childhood role model? Why?
- 曹操 was a shrewd general well versed in the art of war and poetry.

What has been your biggest challenge in life?
- Can’t quit smoking (meat).

Are you a long haired country boy?
- Yes ma’am.

Erica's BG IMG

Meet Erica Wu

- U1 Anat & Cell Biology -

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?
- Xiao Dre (remember the movie “The Karate Kid”?), Xiao turd and Mr. Soy Sauce (I really should cut down my consumption of soy sauce).

What is your favourite restaurant in Montreal?
- Definitely Restaurant Phayathai. They serve insanely good Thai food but I just can’t afford to go there often. ;(

If you could invent one thing, what would it be?
- Something that allows me to locate every single item in the house precisely so that I would never have to waste time looking for stuff and trying to remember where I could possibly placed it 3 months ago.

Jessica's BG IMG

Meet Jessica Huang

- U2 Psychology -

What is your favourite tv show?
- How I Met Your Mother

What is your favourite coffee shop in Montreal?
- Despite trying to limit my coffee consumption (which has been very unsuccessful), I love going to Pikolo, Myriads, and Tommy’s Cafe a little bit too much than my bank account allows

What is your favourite quote?

“I sit before flowers
hoping they will train me in the art
of opening up
I stand on mountain tops believing
that avalanches will teach me to let go
I know
but I am here to learn” - Shane Koyczan

Sharon's BG IMG

Meet Sharon Yau

- U0 Undeclared -

What is your favourite holiday?
- Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

- Share, Share-bear, Sharone (they aren’t very original), Sharon Joyce

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
- Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield3

Yvonne's BG IMG

Meet Yvonne Deng

- U0 Undeclared -

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
- Unfaithful by Rihanna, or any 2008/2009 song by the goddess herself.

Do you have any strange phobias?
- I’m scared of pigeons, crows, seagulls, ducks, ostriches, and every bird-looking species.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
- Casually jumped into a stranger’s car thinking it was my mom and started a full on conversation before I realized it wasn’t my mom and that wasn’t my car.

David's BG IMG

Meet David Wang

- U0 Material Engineering -

Favourite place to study? Why?
- Starbucks is my library. Why? Because I’m classy.

What is your life motto?
- Be positive, enjoy every moments in your life.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
- Booze!!! Life is boring without booze.

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
- 我帅到分手

Emma's BG IMG

Meet Emma Liu Hao

- U1 Arts IDS -

Hello, I'm Emma!


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